The Glass House

Technical Design and Construction Management of new build contemporary dwelling – Foster Partners Conceptual Design

Many people would love to one day build their own dream home, that is exactly what Mr and Mrs D had the opportunity to do. As with many projects, making those dreams a reality requires expert advice and guidance to ensure the project is a success and meets the clients expectations. Even when designing the foundations we were thinking about the final product, tweaking the size of the building to ensure it worked with the slate floor finish without the need for cutting at the perimeter of the building. The internal/external look was completed with an external terrace formed as part of the building, which also worked with the modular size of floor finishes, and with the ceiling and roof soffit of the overhang looking as though it was contiuous element.

All aspects fo the building were carefully designed to ensure that an over sight early in the works did not compromise the finish at the end. H.A.A.S.S pride themselves in understanding the far too frequently overlooked importance that decisions early on in the techncial design process have on the quality and attention detail that manifests itself at the end of the project.

What looks like an incredibly complicated design technically was approached methodically, with any variations being run through Luke Hemming as Design Co-ordinator, to ensure no Building Regulation and Planning obligations were breached or unacceptable consequences occurred later in the project. In the end, adopting a modular approach to the structural design of the building enabled a very simple skeleton to be designed, embracing the structural elements as an integral part of the architectural merit of the building.

The end product – a fantastic contemporary dwelling that is functioning exceptionally well as a dream family home.

Our services on this project:-

  • Design review, Planning Permission amendments and Discharge of Condition
  • Procurement of contractor and subcontractor appointments
  • Ongoing financial assessment, advice and tender analysis
  • Adhoc technical advice to ensure the project continued on programme
  • Programme of Works
  • Assissted client with Contract Administrator duties and valuations

2010 – Project duration 12 months

£ 0.75m

The Glass House - Portfolio